McKeesport is a very small town, it's typical that in a small town like this one everyone knows one another. Yes that is true for some, and others are completly strangers living pratically door to door to eachother. That was the problem with no one finding me in a man who lived in one of these friendly neighborhoods. I passed by the other day on my way to go have some lunch wiht friends. I cannot explain the absoulte horror that raced passed me. I started sobbing and i cannot find the strength to keep driving nor keep my eyes off of that one house, or window. That window was the very window that i spend my days for many many years just staring out hoping to one day be free like i once was. I swear to myself that i will never again pass by that house or even nighb 
Rachael Mcadams
12/12/2012 01:53:49 am

I am so proud of you for making that life changing decision. I am a therapist for these types of cases. Once you realize you can truly let go of all the bad that happened in that one place you can let go of all the thoughts that ever come to you. You are doing an outstanding job of just letting go and moving on and starting your new life as a new woman.


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