I always dreamt about having kids. Ever since i was a little child i did not consider my life complete until i had as many kids as i wanted, my maximum is 3. When i was a little girl i did not have the best parents that ever lived, i always promised myself that whenever i had children of my won i would treat them the best and nothing at all like my parents treated me. When i was living with Thomas Hose he made me his sex slave. He kept a calender of how many times we did it and at the end of the year he would take it to work and show off how much he got throughtout the year. I am surprised that i did not get pregant, god worked in my favor to answer my prayers and not let me have a child. The reason why i did not want to get pregant, well one of the major reasons is because he threatend to kill me and the baby inside of me. I did not want to risk it, but what can i do if he ever forgot to wear protection. Now that i have my husband
Giselle Fernandez
12/12/2012 02:02:39 am

I am positive that when that speial day comes when you have your beautiful baby boy/girl you will treat them like they are your everything. I cannot imagine how life was like inside that bedroom, but i am indeed happy that you escaped. Now that you have been rescued it is your duty to do everything you always dreamed of.


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