I had recently just got engaged! I am ecstatic about finally finding the one who is right for me and loves me for who i am. My first marriage was with my captor, Thomas Hose. I did not know that it was so wrong to marry a man triple my age. He had told me he loved me like he never loved anyone else, and since i already lived with him it would only make sense to  marry him. Well it wasn't a wedding with a church reception or a judge marring us, like i dreamed of,  it was just us two just saying yes we are married. My new husband i met a couple years after i was rescued is my rock; he loves me and sees me as a woman who has re cooperated from a travesty not as a living miracle. He makes me feel safe and that is the best, to have someone you know and love taking care of you whenever and wherever you need them.
Elizabeth Ramirez
12/11/2012 11:03:11 am

I am so happy for you! I most certainly love to hear you so excited about the big day! After all that you been through i am glad you have someone who can make up all of those years lost and make the rest of your life worthwhile.

Patricia Kach
12/11/2012 11:11:12 am

Hey honey remember me? This is you're auntie here, i am happy that you found a companion who adores you and treats you with all the love that you have been missing you're entire life.

bryce hannam
9/23/2014 01:12:18 pm

hello I now this is very strange but i just read your book because of a school project and thought it was amazing thank you so much that hit me in the heart and not many things do that.So i was jsut wandering if we could maybe talk and I know you must get this a lot and brings back terrible memories so i am not pressureing you but it would be great if you could

12/4/2015 11:55:41 am

Be sure your sins will find you out!

7/23/2016 01:22:23 pm

I read your story. I am amazed how positive you have become from such a tragedy. It is inexcusable and makes me sick how some of the public have victimised you, blaming you for the atrocities inflicted. No matter what is said, always remember you were wronged in the most heinous manner. It is disgusting for a man to take advantage in any form of a women, preying on the vulnerable. It appears that much of the public do not understand the psychology surrounding groomed victims. He is and always will be a predator. Keep smiling and keep telling yourself how beautiful you are. Do not be ashamed of what happened, you didn't cause it. Feel what you want to feel, don't hide away from the rest of your life. Move forward and God bless.

a normal person
8/5/2016 03:52:19 am

If all u say is true it is a horrible story. But it has a lot of flaws in it. Kinda common sense tells the real story. Which is not the one your selling. Yes selling. Instead of getting a job and working you tell terrible Thu he about people that loved you. Some day karma will get you.

common sense
8/5/2016 04:12:26 am

To me, this story is just that, a story. She had plenty of opportunities to leave, she is a con artist. The guy was wrong in what he did, but there are plenty of young girls out there that know how to u see e their sexuality to get what they want. She knew her father had set up a court date because of her behaviour, to me, that shows planning and manipulation of her part. She is a con and a manipulating person.

Paula Countryman
8/5/2016 04:34:15 am

I believe you because you were a little girl in a womans body. Of course you wanted to be admired and loved. What teenage girl doesnt? I didn't like how your father spoke of you by saying he should have turned you over as a ward of the state, when what you needed was counseling. Family counseling!The red flags were everywhere. I know about manipulation from narcissists . I was charmed from 4000 miles away by one. He had so much control over me. How he thought i should look. i dont want to go into it here. But, I didn't listen to my alarm bells and I was 60 yrs old. If he could do that to me, how much more could a man do that to a teenage girl? Of course you couldn't just leave. Nobody understands that low self esteem responds to attention. Any attention. Keep your head up.

8/5/2016 03:28:57 pm

From a girl who left her home at the age of 14 I am speaking from my own personal experience I'm calling your story b******* because of the fact that you can walk and talk and smoke cigarettes girl you could have got the hell out of there I hooked up with the many of men and from looking at your story and seeing you talk on TV you're not articulate enough to write a book poor poor pitiful me

8/5/2016 03:33:02 pm

Promiscuous this pot is calling the kettle black. Look at Jaycee Dugard look at the three the women in Cleveland look it this little smart girl the one that was kidnapped all those girls have one thing in common they were held against their will you made a choice to be with that man you said you you know you married your captor you could have walked out that door anytime girl and that poor man is suffering be in prison because he was because he loves you because he took you in girl I had to be you when you meet your maker

Terri R
9/30/2016 04:16:03 am

For those of you condemning Tanya, you need to educate yourself on sexual assault and abuse! Throw Stockholm syndrome in there as Well! A 14 yr old girl is just awakening in her sexuality and appearance. This man exploited everything about her, including her need for acceptance and approval! He's a pervert who is in jail, where he belongs!
Try being happy for somebody, instead of condemning in your ignorant illiterate rhetoric!

9/15/2017 10:15:48 pm

Landon. Look in the mirror. Be Sure Your Sins Will Find YOU out.

9/15/2017 10:20:30 pm

GRACE. You dont know what you are talking about. Thomas Hose admitted tgat he abducted her, seduced her and held her AGAINST HER HER WILL FOR 10 YEARS. You obviously don't know about Stockholm Syndrome and the mental ties that bound her to him. Walk a mile in her shoes and then maybe you would keep ypur judgmental mouth shut.

9/15/2017 10:28:52 pm

Best wishes Tania for a happy future. Oh you and Thomas know the real truth so don't listen to the haters that haven't walked in your shoes. You were a child when you were taken and perfectly 'groomed' by him by telling you all the things you wanted to hear that your parents obviously never told you enough if at all. Thomas admitted that he abducted you, seduced you and kept you against your will for 10 years. Please always honour the truth and you will find yourself happy. You will have those who will not believe upu but lime I said there are really only two people who know the full truth and one is incarcerated. Enjoy your married life with your REAL husband.

9/17/2017 10:00:58 pm

Thomas Hose was never charged with kidnapping. So, although he was guilty of having sex with a 14yo who looked like an 18yo, even the authorities did no believe Kach's kidnapping/captive scenario. Hose pleaded guilty to statutory sexual assault, three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, two counts of indecent assault and one count each of endangering the welfare of children, corruption of a minor, interference with custody of children and aggravated indecent assault. Hose was never charged with kidnapping. On release, I am wondering if he will be entitled to sue Kach for falsely alleging that he is a kidnapper...


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