As much as i wanted to go to prom, homecoming, football games, dances, i did not because the time i was in school i spend it with Tom Hose. It makes me sad to see everyone remember that one special night their senior year that they will carry with them for the rest of thei lives. I thank my lucky stars to have  a husband that cares for me and would do anything to please me. The weekend that recently passed he took to me to a surprise dinner and to my surprise, he asked me to dance and some slow music turned on and it was magical. He thought that this would be a great way to cover that empty space that i had for such a long time. Many can say that this is cliche, but to me it means everything. I love him forever and always.
Isabelle Smith
12/12/2012 02:11:21 am

That is the sweetest thing i have ever heard! Why it took so long to have your sepcial night- i am not sure, but now that you finally got it it is amazing. It's spectacular to see someone do anything they possibly can to put a smile on your face-- and that is what you needed all along.


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