I had just come back from a store going Christmas shopping; I was looking in the toy aisle for some of my close friends' kids. I ran into a  barbie doll that reminded me of myself when i was a teenager and in captivity. It was hard looking at it and seeing the flashblacks come to me like a racing bullet. Although i try my best to forget, how can i ever forget the fact at the age of 17 i was 85 pounds? That's right, my captor sculpted me to be his perfect little barbie doll. He had one of his really close friends dye my hair bleach blond and be his dream girl that he always imagened. I now look back and realize what horrible man he was and the fact that he treated me with no respect and had no consireation for my well being.
Cassandra Martin
12/12/2012 01:43:50 am

That is despicable. How can a grown man want to be with a woman that was yound enough to be his daughter? That to me is sickening behavior and i am incredibly sorry that you lost your entire identity from just one man. This man absoulty corrupted you into his own.


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